ABK Windsurf Camp in Cocoa Beach!

More Windsurfing news!  The fall (windy season) kicked off with the Kona US Nationals in Pensacola and Kona Worlds in Clearwater.  Bruce Kendall, Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist is coming to Sarasota to demo the Glide 2990 Olympic 2024 proposal and now I find out that Andy Brandt and ABK Windsurf is offering a three day camp in Cocoa Beach from November 16 -18!

Normally you have to fly down to Bonaire to take advantage of this top Windsurfing camp and now it is going to be in our backyard!

I need to sign up before all the spots are taken.  I have to talk to my boss, oh yeah that is me.  Hopefully I will let me go!


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