Highlighting Windsurfing in the Tampa Bay Area

I’ve been thinking about updating this website for sometime and I’m now finally getting around to it.

The new focus will be the Windsurfing community in the Tampa Bay area including Clearwater and Sarasota which make one of the best windsurfing destinations in the US, especially during the winter months when cold fronts move towards Florida bringing strong NE winds but the water stays above 60 degrees F as does the air temp.

Updated location and resource information will still be a priority of this site to help visitors find the best places to visit and where to locate the best equipment and expertise.

I’m also planning to provide links to YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, etc. sites created by local Windsurfers and community events.

Much to do so please be patient as I update the site and hopefully provide a better resource for the area Windsurfing community.

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  1. Also, I was thinking about making a Florida-specific online windsurf magazine called “Florida Windfreak”.

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