New locations and updates

It has been a busy windy season but new updates will becoming on a regular basis. The first is the new URL that reflects the goal of this site to focus on the Tampa Bay Windsurfing community. is the new location for this website. will still work for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also updated and started to add more detailed information about Tampa Bay locations as well as updating the other primary pages.

FL Resources is being changed to provide links to Clubs, Retail, Rental and Instruction throughout Florida. I will no longer be attempting to provide localized information about other FL sites. Better to have local resources vs. my limited knowledge.

I added Weed Fins as I believe these are a required resource for sailing in Tampa Bay that most visitors might not be familiar with.

Images is going to provide a few images and videos but it will be focused on providing links to YouTube, Instagram, etc. sites posted by members of the community.

More coming soon so be sure to bookmark

2 Comments on “New locations and updates

  1. Weed page looks great. Just a few comments on North Beach. I would change Fort De Soto North Beach to all wind directions but E and NE. We’ve found it works great for all the other directions (swell is small on a SE and SW, but the wind direction is good). But full disclosure, Chris just had an epic session in even a NE. I would put a note that NE at Fort De Soto, or strong westerlies is for advanced sailors. Due East I would not recommend to anyone except maybe to a paddleboarder in light winds, and any size surf.

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