Tierra Verde and location updates

I’ve updated all the major locations for the Tampa Bay Area and I want to say thanks to Jonny, Dee, Jake, Martin and everyone for pictures and information, much appreciated. I’ve added a Google Satellite Map too many locations to identify the sandbars, deep water etc. and on the Emerson Preserve and 75¢ pages I’ve added informational videos. Pictures just don’t tell the whole story in my opinion so I’m trying to add videos to help to visual the size, space, landmarks, etc. Hopefully we will have more of these very soon and I will do my best to keep them up to date.

Good news Tierra Verde (S/SE) looks like it will re-open this summer and based on this image it appears we will have access to the water on the south side. Still trying to get additional information on parking options but hopefully that won’t be a major issue. I do know the old bridge is going to be completely removed. No fishing pier but it looks the current roadway will be used to allow us to drive under the bridge on the north side(?). It will be a bit different but it will be great to get back onto the water at this great location. Open water, shallow but not incredibly shallow like 75¢, East Beach or Emerson and deep water closer to the boat channel.

UPDATE via FDOT: Access to the “beach” area after construction will be similar to the pre-construction condition. There will not be a paved parking area, however beach users will be able to pull off onto the dirt/sand area and park if space is available.

Please continue to provide feedback, new location information, images, etc. as I want to keep the locations up to date. Also if you want me to add you to the Instagram options on the Community page please let me know. No ads, no equipment sales but most everything else is welcome.

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