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I’m requesting your opinion regarding possible updates to the website, TBWINDSURFING.COM. I’m planning to update the existing location pages with additional information including Google Map images that provide a better visual overview, GPS location data that links to Google Maps and adding more information on Foiling options. All this is in process. What I would like to know is what you think about a few additional options.


  • Should I consider separate pages for Fin and Foiling options? I have done this for the Emerson Preserve locations due to these sites are in different locations in the Park but for other sites, e.g. Scenic Skyway the location information is generally the same. The difference is where you can sail (deep vs. shallow water). I’m actually considering separate pages, LOCATIONS – FIN and LOCATIONS – FOIL that would appear on the home page as two of the three primary options (Resources is the third).
  • Should I consider adding location information throughout Florida? I own FLWINDSURFING.COM and this was the original URL for the site but I dropped it when I recognized I didn’t have the bandwidth to manage such a project. What I’m thinking about is providing a template via the FL and Tampa Bay Facebook groups to allow others in the windsurfing community to provide detailed information on additional sites throughout Florida. (Of course I own/edit the site and will determine what is posted or not posted.) I think this would be a great addition but I’m hesitant to take on too much.
  • What are your thoughts on how to improve the site?

The easiest way to reach me is via my email at tmorton@icloud.com. Thanks for your support.

6 Comments on “Update to website

  1. Fin and Foil separate pages would be better as foiling has so much gear differences as well as preferred locations.

    • I agree with Jake about separate fin and foil pages. I think it would be great if be other contributors added windsurf spots throughout Fl !!

  2. Tom, you do an awesome job with the site. If I had one wish, it would be more information about Florida launches beyond the Tampa Bay area. Case in point, in winter it often blows stronger the further north you go, but other than Tarpon Springs, I have no idea what’s up that way.

  3. If you have the bandwidth i would say yes to separate pages. You could also provide a filter on the home page for fin or foil.

  4. Hello Tom any additional info is always great Believe your suggestions will be helpful for all whom are sailing enthusiasts like the idea for all Florida sailing spots idea others can contribute if they find a great launch site thanks for your work

  5. I’d like to see information about other spots throughout Florida. More pictures of each location, maybe a 360 view. The site is great.

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