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These locations are provided by the Florida community of Windsurfers/Wind foilers/Wing foilers

Wind direction refers to anything with an East i.e. NE, E or SE. These aren’t hard and fast rules but these are the preferred wind directions for these locations. Please refer to the links (click on location) for additional information.

More details and locations coming soon and thanks to everyone who has contributed!

South East



North East

Warnings – What to watch out for!

* Weed fin highly recommended
If you plan to take advantage of this wonderful resource you might want to purchase a weed fin.  Florida waters support natural sea grass beds and as the water can be pretty shallow a weed fin is often required. Weed Fins

Currents – Strong tidal currents as well as strong currents created by inlets present unique hazards for some of the Atlantic coast locations.

Sea Grass – Florida waters can be shallow, sandy and a wonderful place for Sea Grass growth but these grasses support an abundance of critters from small Sharks (mostly Bonnet Heads), Rays, Crabs, Sea Urchins, Conchs, Scallops, Oysters … you get the point. Sharp spins, claws, shells etc. In addition Humans liter our beaches with sharp objects so I recommend water shoes!

In the Winter months (December – March) the water temperatures average around 65F/18C.  You will probably want a wet suit.  A 3/2 is a good choice for most folks.