Template for submittal

Thank you for reviewing this information and assisting with new location information for the FL Windsurfing community.

The focus of the Location pages is primarily for visitors to these locations. Therefore I’m requesting details on the location, best wind options and any unique details regarding a location.

Details requested:

  • Optimal wind direction(s)
  • Flat water, Wave, Foiling
  • Where is it and how do you get there (If a Park please provide the URL for the location)
  • Where can you park and rig equipment
  • Where do you put in
  • What to watch out for i.e. Lifeguards, shore break, etc
  • Any issues related to tides, shallow water, strong currents, jetties, etc.


  • Four or Five JPG images are requested
  • People on the water, rigging areas, facilities, signage (pretty flexible)
  • Google Map is always great if you can annotate it. If you don’t know how simply let me know what details would be needed, i.e. shallows, deep water, etc. and I can fill in the details.

Each location is unique but if your stuck take a look at the Location pages for hints on how to describe a location.

All of this information can be provided to Tom Morton (Site Owner and Administrator) via email at tom@tbwindsurfing.com. No advertising or product endorsments will be accepted and all provided information will be considered the property of TBWindsurfing.com and will be used at the sole discretion of the owner and administrator.