Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico beaches along the SW coast of FL offer many Windsurfing/Foiling options. Light wind sailing (long boards) and light wind foiling (wind/wing) are my favorite options but Wave sailing when the conditions are right is also a great option. Two favorite locations are Fort DeSoto North Beach and Pass-a-grill which is where Greg is sailing in the video.

There are many excellent locations a few of which are listed below but generally you can put in just about anywhere that isn’t restricted, i.e. swimming beaches, environmentally protected areas or navigational channels. If you do put in near a swimming area remember to move rapidly out of the restricted swim zones and don’t sail in these areas. Life Guards might also restrict access in swimming areas. Best to speak with them if they are willing to be flexible.

Local experts generally agree that a NW or SW wind provide the best options. A straight onshore West wind can be tricky. The good news for foilers is a light west wind is very common just about every afternoon in the summer.

Caution: The Gulf of Mexico is a serious body of water and conditions can change rapidly. If you are a visitor to our area, I would strongly suggest contacting North Beach Windsurfing for expert advise but also ask the locals. They generally know what they are doing and will point you in the right direction.

Thanks again to Skyway Scott for the wonderful drone video!

Pass-a-grill / Light wind foiling – what a great option!


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