75¢ Toll/Shell Key Preserve (W/SW/NW)

After passing through the Toll Booth you will make an immediate right turn before the bridge. Turn left and drive 30 meters to the beach area on the right.

75¢ or Shell Key Preserve is great flat water location on a South (S/SW) or West (SW/W/NW) wind. As with almost every location in Tampa Bay, Shallow water so best on a rising tide or high tide. It is about a 1.5KM (1 mile) run out to Shell Key and is shallow most of the way with only a couple of deeper water spots (3 meters). Take a look at video below and the Video page for some great action videos of the area.

Great Freeride/Freestyle/Wing surfing and deep water via the boat channel that runs out to the Gulf of Mexico for Foiling.

75¢/Shell Key Preserve on a East/West run in 25 MPH+ winds