E.G. Simmons Park (N/NE)

EG Simmons Park located near Apollo Beach is Ruskin a large park on the southern side of Tampa Bay. Upon entering the park you will need to stop and pay $2 (cash only) for entry. Turn right and follow the signs to Panther Point. You will arrive at the end and you can park anywhere in the circle.

Best on a North (N/NW/NE) wind but can also work on a West wind but it is bit more limited on a West. Shallow water requires a 100 meter walk into deeper water to get started but you can sail for miles to the east and out into the Bay and until you hit the boat channel never been in water more than 2 meters deep.

As you sail away from the shore the chop will increase due to the greater depth of the water, not deep but deeper. Close to shore you can run in flat water but be careful as sandbars move around.