Fred Howard Park (N/NW/SW/S)

Howard Park or Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs is a favorite location for Windsurfers, Wing surfers and Kiters to the north of Tampa Bay so on a windy day you will always have someone to windsurf with which is of course recommended for safety but also more fun. Weed fin is recommended and always a good option especially when the sea grass starts to grow in the spring.

Park Amenities (Rest rooms, map, etc.) Outdoor showers are a nice amenity.

$5 parking fee via Automated Pay Stations but plenty of parking. Drive all the way to the end of the park and the road opens up to the Bay area. Depending on the wind you will see people rigging on the North or South ends. Park and get ready for a great day on the water!

Launching and grassy rigging areas on the South or North side only. The direct West area is restricted for swimmers. (Please see the Park Amenities Map for reference.) Easy access from the parking area to rigging and launching with no obstructions in the area, i.e. Oysters or rocks.

Great on any North or South wind (N/NW/SW/S) for all levels of Windsurfing. Shallow and deep water provide great options for everyone from beginners to experts and a great location for foiling.

South side provides deep water access but can be choppy on high wind. North side provides better options for shallow water especially on a low tide.