Tampa Bay Locations

  Tampa Bay is such a great place to Windsurf!  A natural bay with beautiful vistas, abundant wildlife and warm water most of the year.  As the map indicates Tampa Bay has multiple locations for all wind conditions and a…

FL Information

Florida has many great locations and a wide variety of Windsurfing options.   These links  will help you to explore and learn about Clubs, Rental and Retail, and a few choice locations but check out these links for additional windsurfing information….


Windsurfing Shops – Retail • Instruction • Rental • Repair • Expert Advice • We are lucky to have some great Windsurfing shops in Florida and this site will provide you with links to their websites.  If you live in…

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New locations and updates

It has been a busy windy season but new updates will becoming on a regular basis. The first is the new URL that reflects the goal of this site to focus on the Tampa Bay Windsurfing community. tbwindsurfing.com is the…

Highlighting Windsurfing in the Tampa Bay Area

I’ve been thinking about updating this website for sometime and I’m now finally getting around to it. The new focus will be the Windsurfing community in the Tampa Bay area including Clearwater and Sarasota which make one of the best…

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Welcome to a new section focused on Windsurfing, Environmental, Activities, Equipment, etc.

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