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Fun videos all around Tampa Bay from early days on my Kona One to my newest boards and newest adventures and now Windsurf Foiling!

Sunday morning foiling at Skyway Scenic

You have to learn how to fall before you can learn how to FLY!

Fun weekend at Skyway Scenic – Wingers, Wind Foilers and Windsurfers all on the water together

Comparing Fin and Foil options

GoPro SNAFUs and unexpected results

Sunday Foiling at my new favorite inshore location, Emerson Pavilion

Morning Foil at the Scenic Skyway Bridge

Short foiling video from Bonaire

Blustery day at 75¢ – Great group in 25+ mph winds

Last video of 2022

Xmas cold front at Emerson

Dawn Patrol at Skyway Scenic

New GoPro mounting options on a beautiful day at Skyway Scenic October 2022

Not your average Wednesday! Emerson Preserve May 2022

Another fun day on the water – Scenic Skyway – March 2022

My best first flight!

May 15/16, 2021 First flights on my new Starboard Foil and board

May 7, 2021 Shallow waters at Fort DeSoto East Beach

April 17, 2021 my first flight on a foil setup!

Fun day with my mates at 75¢ on Valentines Day 2021

First windy and cold weekend of 2021 – Emerson Preserve

A bumpy day on the Bay at Scenic Skyway Overlook

GoPro options on the west side of the Skyway Bridge

What can I say I love flat water! Shell Key (75¢)

Kona fun at Shell Key in 2019

February 2017 at Ken Thompson Park – Probably my 2nd or 3rd time on the water. I did purchase that Kona One. Great board.