Weed Fins

Weed fins – The image shows four weed fins that will provide you with access to a greater number of locations in Tampa Bay’s shallow waters and low tides. Shown are two DTT and two Powerbox . North Beach Windsurfing keeps these in stock!

A weed fin is an essential piece of equipment for sailing in Tampa Bay. No kidding! You have to have a weed fin in numerous locations to stay safe and to really take advantage of all our wonderful locations. Sudden stops at 20+ MPH in straps aren’t fun.

Tampa Bay is a shallow water bay and is famous for sandy bottoms and large sea grass fields. In summer when the water is warm and the grass is high you simply have to have a weed fin but we use them all year round during low tides.

The PowerBox fins are Black Project and are almost as popular in Tampa Bay as our Ezzy sails! The DTT fins are Maui and MFC. The Delta fins range in size from 21 cm to 30 cm and the traditional weed fins are 32 cm to 45 cm.

Weed fins have their limitations but when the wind is blowing and the water is shallow you will be happy to have one or two (or four) in your surf box.