75¢ Toll/Shell Key Preserve (W/SW/NW)

After passing through the Toll Booth you will make an immediate right turn before the bridge. Turn left and drive 30 meters to the beach area on the right.

Fin – Freeride/Freestyle – 75¢ or Shell Key Preserve is great flat water location on a South (S/SW) or West (SW/W/NW) wind. As with almost every location in Tampa Bay, Shallow water so best on a rising tide or high tide. It is about a 1.5KM (1 mile) run out to Shell Key and is shallow most of the way with only a couple of deeper water spots (3 meters). Take a look at video below and the Video page for some great action videos of the area.

Foiling – Deep water via the boat channel that runs out to the Gulf of Mexico. You can sail in the channel on any tide but you will want to walk your board towards the first Green Boat channel marker. This can be easily seen from the beach looking left. CautionOn weekends or holidays the boat channel is very busy so if you choose to sail during these times be very careful.

75¢/Shell Key Preserve on a East/West run in 25 MPH+ winds