Emerson Point Preserve (NW)

Wind Direction = NW, WNW

Free Ride – Free Style / Weed fin highly recommended

Google Map Location

Click here for information on Emerson Foil location

Drive all the way to the end of Emerson Point Preserve and look out onto Tampa Bay. Adequate parking lot, rigging area on the beach or across from the porta potties. Emerson Point is protected on all sides by sandbars and the result is flat, shallow water everywhere you look. Great runs on a NW wind that take you around the point with plenty of space for dozens of windsurfers!

Don’t bother if the tide is low. You need a high tide or rising tide as the water is that shallow. Most places are waist deep but as you approach the sandbars you will quickly be in knee deep water.

On a rare occasion when the conditions are just right you might be lucky enough to windsurf on glass flat water and the wind blowing! Great free ride location for all levels of windsurfers.

The Google Map can make Emerson look small but this video provides a better sense of the open space