Fort DeSoto Park – North Beach (W/NW/SW)

Fort DeSoto Park is one of the public treasures of the Tampa Bay region. Wonderful beaches, great biking and hiking trails. Historical landmarks and of course wonderful water.

North Beach is a favorite location for Wave and Foil Windsurfing. It is the Gulf of Mexico so deep water everywhere. Don’t sail into the Swimming Areas! These are clearly marked and the lifeguards will react negatively if you sail into these areas. Just be careful as there might be lots of folks, including children swimming near the beach.

After passing through the check point ($5 per car – cash only) make a right at the Flag (Stop sign) for North Beach. (Left for East Beach.) At the end of the road (3 miles) you will see signs for North Beach Parking. You want to park near the end of the parking lot (Lots 1,2,3,4) and as close to the grass a possible. Pavilion 1 is a great landmark.

You can rig on the grass but you will have a 100 meter walk or so to the water so you will want to be efficient.

West wind is best. SW lays down a bit with more wave action on a W or NW.

Showers at the North Beach Restrooms in the North Beach Parking lot area.