Palma Sola Bay (S/SW/W/NW/N)

No swim advisories are common during the Summer months. Best to check before you go. For more information visit the FL Department of Health website.

Great for light wind sailing and foiling but the South side can be very choppy in wind conditions above 14 Knots. North side isn’t effected as much by chop.

Weekends can get very busy with Horse back riding, Jet Skis, etc.

Palma Sola (Free/Foil) is best on a South, SW or West wind but a SE works but more wind shadow. You can also sail on the North (N or NW wind) side of the causeway on a North wind.

3/4 of a mile (1.25KM) East to West / South side 1 mile (1.6KM) North to South

Located along Manatee Ave (64) as you drive west out to Anna Maria Island. You can pull off the causeway in multiple locations to access beach areas and parking but the best option is on the east end as indicated on the map. On weekends this area can be very crowded so the 2nd option on the west end might be a better option. (You can sail on the north side on a North wind but be aware of boats, jet skis, horses and wind shadows.)

Fin and Foil options – Plenty of deep water and easy access but due to the channel like flow of the water, seawalls and the causeway, Palma Sola can be very choppy but so much on the North side. Some flat runs to the west though and always good to check with other windsurfers and kiters regarding conditions. Great long runs on the right conditions and Palma Sola is gaining popularity as a good option for Foiling due to the consistent deep water in the bay. On light winds a great place for beginners to practice.

A quick look at Wind Foiling on Palma Sola North