Skyway Bridge North Rest Stop (S/SW)

Skyway Bridge North Rest Stop is a great location for a South wind (S/SW). Large area to setup equipment and easy access to the water but ….

Caution – Only sail from this location on a rising tide or best around a high tide. Large rocks just below the water at the put in point and an Oyster Bar (not recommended dining) just to the north of the beach area. This really isn’t a great location for foiling. Very tricky due to the sandbars just about everywhere.

Wind – Due to the multiple sandbars high winds (above 20 knots) create very choppy conditions, especially in the boat channel where the surf can be 4’+. Best in 5.0 – 7.5 sail conditions.

Boat Channel – about 300 meters west of the beach which can get very busy on the weekends and holidays. It is only about 30 meters wide so easy to cross and once on the other side miles of flat water. You can sail all the way to East Beach if you like.

Sandbars – On the other side of the boat channel there are very large sandbars that protects the area but also can limit access. Take care.