Scenic Overlook @ Skyway Bridge (NE/E/SE)

Wind Direction = East, North East or South East

The Scenic Overlook is the last exit on the Skyway Bridge when headed North to St. Petersburg and one of the most popular places for Windsurfing in Tampa Bay. Deep water foiling – protected shallow water for drag racing with friends – cross the large sand bar and hop some waves out in the Bay. If you are new to these area, simply ask anyone that appears to know what they are doing and they will be happy to help.

Free Ride/Free Style – Weed fin recommended but not required but to access the large shallow areas especially in the spring, summer and fall months you will really want a weed fin. Also very helpful (SAFE) on lower tides.

Foil – Launch from the primary beach (FDOT Red signs) and stay south or to the right as you head out. Plenty of deep water but if low tide you will need to be aware of the sandbars (see map) and shore line. A couple of options for leaving the kiddie pool are to sail out to the sandbar and walk your equipment into Tampa Bay or you can sail around the tip of the sandbar.

Gorgeous vistas, great parking with easy access to the beach and water. Scenic has it all and when the wind is blowing from the east you will find a large group of windsurfers hanging out, sharing stories and enjoying the water. (Keep you eyes open for visiting Dolphins and Manatee in the summer.)

As the summer months approach we have a special group of windsurfers known as the Dawn Patrol. East winds come out of central FL early before the winds from the Gulf of Mexico can build and when the sun rises you will find us on the water. By 10AM the wind has dropped so you have to be early!

February 17, 2023 via Skyway Scott – Great drone footage – Low tide so the sandbars are very visible

November 9, 2020 – A typical breezy day at one of Tampa Bay’s best locations

February 4, 2023 – A busy day with Windsurfers/Wind&Wing Foilers