Emerson Preserve Foiling

Wind and Wing Foiling – South or WSWVery choppy if winds are greater then 14 knots. Best for light wind foiling especially for beginners.

Google Map location

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Long and wide open space more than a 1/2 mile from the boat channel in the Manatee River. Water depth is 4′ – 20′ approximately 20 yards from the beach area and shore line. Easy access from the Pavilion #1 Large area. (See the Google Map image.)

The bottom is sea grass close to shore but sandy in the deeper areas. No sandbars and no obstacles in the water.

This area of the Manatee River is occasionally used by sail boats and other boats for temporary mooring but it is a very large space so no issues.

Parking is a bit limited with only 10 parking spots but options opposite of the parking spots allow for a few more vehicles parked parallel. Bathrooms and the Pavilion is a really nice place to take a break out the sun.

Sunday Foiling – Long open runs in deep water. No obstructions and only a couple of moored sail boats. Great place to sail on light winds (9 – 14Knots SSW/SW/S)