Building support for Windsurfing

It always concerns me when someone reports via Facebook or other social media that an area has been closed to Windsurfing. We hear news that Lifeguards state we are a danger to swimmers and arbitrarily restrict access, City Councils that close areas to water related activities, etc.

In my opinion one of the best ways to counter these misperceptions of our sport is be active in our communities in a positive way. Local Sailing clubs in Clearwater, Miami, etc. do a great job of building awareness. Windsurfing events help folks to see the sport in a positive light but what else can we do?

Here in the Tampa Bay area the Windsurfing community has joined with Tampa Bay Watch on various clean up and social events. We need to do more of these types of activities as local environmental groups are usually well connected and do great work.

Saturday (9/22) is National Estuaries Day/International Coastal Cleanup and our little group will be participating in clean up activities in our surf areas, not just for us but for everyone that enjoys Tampa Bay.

Check out your local area for events during this Coastal Cleanup and let’s keep our water clean and create a positive image of our great sport.

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  1. Tom,
    Enjoyed your comments on Windsurfing. Unfortunately I’m a little to old to enjoy your
    sport with you. I shall enjoy your comments each month.

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