Glide 2990 in Tampa

It isn’t everyday one gets to windsurf with an Olympic Gold Medalist but more importantly Bruce Kendall is a wonderful “dude” and we had a great week at the WSA (World Sailing Association) and sailing in Clearwater.  Thanks Bruce!

I’m a big fan of an all-in-one board and I wish Bruce and team great success with the Glide 2990.  My hope is that this category of boards will be commercially successful and continue to be great options for all levels of windsurfers.

Jonny, Eric and I had the pleasure of checking out the Glide 2990 at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center along with the all the great folks at CCSC (Thanks Justin!).

I’m not very good but I enjoyed sailing the Glide 2990.  It was easy to sail, very responsive and though the wind wasn’t strong enough for me to get up on plane it was obvious the board wanted to jump up and go.  Bruce had no issues getting the board on plane and showing what it was capable of and it was impressive.

My time on the board was short but I hope to get more time on the board this summer if I can make it up to the Cape Hatteras area where I believe the board will be sold in the US market.  (I hope to report on that option later this year.)


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