Sailboarding – A great Florida option

This weekend I took advantage of the beautiful weather and light winds and went sailboarding around Shell Key and Fort DeSoto near St. Pete Beach.  (Windsurfers are sailors first and only when the wind picks up do we advance to surfing or windsurfing.)

Florida has so many beautiful islands, bays and a wide variety of water access that you just have to get on the water and enjoy these wonderful locations.  Paddleboarding is a great option but when the winds pick up a bit (8 – 12 MPH) I like to switch to sailing.  The key is you need the right equipment and I’m fortunate to have a Kona One one of most popular all-in-one boards in the world and perfect for sailing in light winds.

One real advantage to sailboarding is this is a great option for beginners to our sport.  A person with good lessons and the right equipment can be sailing in a weekend.  (I’ve seen Northbeach Windsurfing students enjoy the pleasures of sailing in a weekend even in pretty strong wind.)

Sailboarding allows you to move quickly and easily around the inland waterways, which are typically shallow here on Florida’s west coast.  One can enjoy the beautiful views and see more in the water and stop as you like to explore or just take a break.  The speed is moderate and you have a great deal of control so what are you waiting for – Get out and Sail!

Check out the Resources page for where to take lessons with the right equipment in your favorite FL location.

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