Summer Time blues

A disappointing summer to say the least for the water sports community and Tampa Bay and SW Florida but now it is time to move forward and focus on renewal and the all the pleasures and challenges of windsurfing.

In May I purchased my new foil setup (Starboard Free Ride, foil etc.) and I was excited to take advantage of the light winds of summer to develop new skills. Well it didn’t work out as planned but now I have something to look forward to with the beginning of the 2021/22 windy season.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about what I perceive is a very important transition in our sport from fin to foiling, my trip to Maui (I’m writing this from a lanai overlooking Kapalua Bay) and new technologies coming to market that I believe will have a major impact, both positive and negative on water sports.

In a few minutes I’m heading to the north shore of Maui to meet Matt Pritchard ( to pick up equipment and learn more about the windsurfing options on this beautiful island. I’m a bit apprehensive as I’m not a wave windsurfer and this is the US mecca for wave windsurfing so working with Matt I believe is a good first step. Wish me luck and more very soon now that we finally have some wind.

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  1. Enjoy Tom! It was a dream of mine since the 80″ to sail at Maui and Hookipa. Would like to meet when you back in Tampa, im in Fort Lauderdale.

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