Questions that lead to unexpected results

I’m writing this post from beautiful Maui. This is my second visit to Maui but my first time as a Windsurfer. My next blog post will be a “beginners perspective” on what I learned about windsurfing in Maui but this post is continuation of my previous post on fin vs. foil and what can happen when you ask questions with the assumption that you know the answers.

As posted previously I recently purchased a Starboard Freeride Wind foil setup with the goal to foil over chop/waves and enjoy long range cruising (Time on the Water). I’m not planning to give up fin windsurfing but that does appear to be a trend amongst windsurfers I’ve chatted with but that is for another post.

Back to Maui – Before my trip I hooked up with Matt Pritchard to rent equipment but more importantly I wanted to have an experts guidance while in Maui. I chose to sail on a fin and headed first to Kanaha State Park. (More on this in the next blog post.).

After sailing at Kanaha I decided to check out a flat water location at the Port (Ho’aloha Park) and sail with and photograph a friend learning to Wing foil. While taking photos I see Robbie Naish sail up to the beach on a Wing foil. I’m not bashful so I introduced myself to Robbie and his friend Julia. Robbie was testing new wings and he took the time to chat with me about windsurfing and wing foiling.

As we chatted I asked him Wing vs. Wind foiling? Without a pause he states, 100% Wing Foiling. My wife who was also at the beach said my mouth just dropped open in horror (LOL). So like anyone who has just spend $3k + on a Wind foil setup knowing it was the right thing to do, I followed up with questions. What about this and what about that, nope he answered each question with why Wing foiling was the best option. Finally I asked the question I knew was a sure bet for Wind Foiling, what about long range cruising? Robbie, who reminded me how much he loves windsurfing (I guess the horror on my face was obvious) said when he next sails from Maui to Oahu he would choose the Wing Foil setup right there on the beach!

You might say, well this is just one person’s opinion but this is Robbie Naish!

If you know me you know I’ve been dismissive of Wing foiling. I had closed my mind and was 100% focused on Wind foiling as the best option for me. I felt that I could bring my 5+ years of windsurfing experience to Wind foiling and it would be a relatively quick transition. Well my mind has changed and not just because of my conversation with Robbie but also watching Wing foilers flying across these lovely Hawaiian waters clearly demonstrating the full range of options with a Wing foil. It was impressive to watch.

One additional point, my wife who like most spouses doesn’t see the need for one more piece of windsurfing equipment that I simply must have 😁 thinks I need to try and if need be buy Wing foiling equipment. I think Robbie won her over to!

Foiling is still my next big adventure but I’ve had my mind blown by the best in our sport and I’m looking forward to taking a lesson on Wing Foiling with Jonathan at North Beach if he is willing to put up with me.

FYI – Matt Pritchard (Multiple world champion Windsurfer) also agrees with Robbie!

Will I take to Wing Foiling and sell my Wind Foiling equipment. I don’t know the answer to that question but I will tell you that my mind is open to the possibility.

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