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I recently had the good fortune to spend time in Maui and check out the windsurfing and winging locations and also meet some great windsurfers.

I’m not really sure I should be writing a post about Maui as there are so many folks that have far greater knowledge about windsurfing options on Maui then I do. Therefore I’m going to keep this one short and simple.

FYI – Seeking local knowledge/expertise is really a must do. Maui is an incredible windsurfing location and well worth a visit but I strongly recommend connecting with the locals before heading out on the water. My first day on the water a local coming in from sailing past the reef told me that the waves were above his 370 mast. I can’t contemplate conditions like that.

Local experts/World Champion!

Matt Pritchardhttps://pritchardwindsurfing.com/pw2020/

Matt is a World Champion Windsurfer. He has great equipment for rent and provides options for on the water instruction and on-sight expertise. He is a great guy and a great resource for all things windsurfing and foiling in Maui. I had hoped to spend time with him on the water but unfortunately the wind decided to take a vacation during my visit so my sailing time was very limited. He also teaches Winging.

Great surf shops on the north shore with rental and instruction options.

Talk to the locals. There are some incredible local windsurfers that can be great help regarding current conditions and options. Best place for me to chat with locals was at Kanaha Beach Park.

The North shore of Maui is incredible, of course the world famous Ho’okipa, but also Spreckelsville and Kanaha Beach Park and on the South side Kīhei . Flat water options at the Port via Ho’aloha Park. Very popular for Wing foiling instruction. My sailing was focused on Kanaha inside the reef. I did check out Kīhei but was warned by a friendly local it isn’t safe to sail alone as you might end up somewhere in the Pacific if something goes wrong!

Wing foiling is incredibly popular in Maui and it was amazing to watch the local experts! A couple of world champions explained to me that the popularity of Winging was due to gusty conditions and fantastic surf/wave riding options. If I get back to Maui I will be signing up for Winging lessons!

Hanging with Robby!

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