Bonaire update

I had the pleasure of visiting Bonaire for my third time in January. Great to travel with friends and enjoy this little treasure of an island. We always stay on the leeward side of the island which is the more popular side of the island and allows for great snorkeling and scuba options which are the number one reason folks visit Bonaire.

On the windsurfing front all the shops on Lac Bay are in full operational mode after Covid and well stocked with equipment. Check out the Unofficial Guide to Windsurfing on Bonaire for a great tour of the Gear shops and restaurants on Lac Bay.

Unfortunately for Tony, Ryan and myself the winds averaged 11knots everyday! We made a valiant effort to fin sail but the shops have pretty limited options for light wind windsurfing (average winds in the winter are 20+ Knots) so after one frustrating day I made the jump to Wind Foiling which happily is now an option with a couple of shops providing equipment. I posted a video a few weeks ago on my experience Wind Foiling on Bonaire. It turned out to be a great three or four days foiling practice which I really needed and will lead into my next post on my Wind Foiling adventures in 2023.

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  1. My favorite island with wonderful scuba diving and now wind foil boarding that to me is heaven

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