Wind Foiling – A Smooth Gait

While taking riding lessons in Nashville years ago I was introduced to the Tennessee Walking Horse. The manager of the stables told me that this horse is breed with a smooth gait and is therefore popular with older gentlemen who prefer a more dignified and comfortable riding option.

As an older gentleman 😄 I have to agree that a Smooth Gait is a very nice option. I’m not sure about the dignified aspect but it is more comfortable to fly over the rougher chop vs. always bouncing around and I’m hearing from many of my gentlemen friends that they also enjoy this pleasant aspect of Wind Foiling.

As with all aspects of windsurfing it does take a bit of practice but once you begin to master level flight, Wind Foiling is actually a very nice sailing option. You can cover long distances without too much effort in light winds and this is something I really enjoy. We have lovely vistas in the Tampa Bay area and I’m looking forward to light wind afternoon sailing in the Gulf this summer.

Group sailing options – One of my goals this year is to develop group outings for foilers. Sailing on Tampa Bay, along the Gulf coast, etc. Maybe we can call them Fox Hunts, no foxes or hunting but a great way to enjoy an outing with friends. I guess we will need Red Jackets 😎.

FYI – I’m not giving up fin sailing but Wind Foiling does add a very nice option to my windsurfing bag of tricks.

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  1. Hey Tom, Once when I was at Hatteras we did a big group downwinder. Long sail down the island from point A to point B – broad reach the whole way. Vehicles were situated at point B so that the group could car pool back to point A at the end of the ride. About 8 – 10 guys in the group, and we sailed together for the distance. Was a lot of fun – drag racing and traveling as a group!

  2. Great idea! I haven’t mastered level flight, but I’d love to join something like this once I do.

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