Summer Time Blues – Not this year!

In 2021 I wrote a post, Summer Time Blues commiserating our lack of wind during the summer season. I also mentioned that I had purchased a new foil setup but didn’t take advantage of my new equipment which was silly of me.

Well now it is 2023 and I have taken full advantage of my foil equipment* during the last six months and I’m ready for a great summer! This week I tested my skills and equipment in light but steady winds around 9 knots with gusts to 12 knots. It was a great session! A bit of pumping at times but basically I spent 90% of my time on foil.

Of course I’m not the only one in the area excited about the upcoming light wind season (my new name for Summer). We have more newbies (I’m one of them) on foils then I can mention and some experienced sailors that were smart enough to get into foiling over the past few years. Wingers are everywhere, hopefully looking before they turn, so now the only Summer Time Blues will be the blue skies that the foiling community is enjoying in the many wind locations that are one of Tampa Bay’s greatest treasures.

Interested? One of our favorite light wind season options is Skyway Scenic Dawn Patrol. You have to get there early but with steady east winds from 7AM – 10AM it is worth getting up early.

* My equipment:

  • Starboard Foil Freeride 150
  • 85cm Mast
  • Fuselages 95, 102 and 105 (I love the 105!)
  • Foils – Front 1100, 1300, 1500 – Rear 330 and 500
  • Sails – Severne Foil Glides 6/7/8

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