Wind Foiling – My Path

Over the past couple of years I’ve been having an personal discussion regarding Wind Foiling. Maybe you have as well.

To summarize:

  1. Is Foiling something I’m actually interested in
  2. Do I really want to be a beginner again – I just learned to Windsurf
  3. Wind or Wing Foiling
  4. What type of equipment i.e. beginner or something more advanced
  5. Once I purchase equipment will I put the time in
  6. Does the Tampa Bay Area have enough decent foiling locations

One at a time:

  1. Yes – More light wind options are a good thing and everyone knows we have plenty of light wind days in Tampa Bay.
  2. No – This was tough but enough of my friends were making the move so what the hell
  3. Wind for me – Winging is great but I’m more of a cruiser vs. wave and after many discussions (see Location, Location, Location) I decided Wind Foiling was the best option for me and is a great option for Tampa Bay
  4. I went for more intermediate/advanced. This made learning tougher but now I’m past the beginner stage and I’m very happy with my Starboard Freeride setup. I did upgrade with a new fuselage and foils and that really helped. (Talk to Britt about this possible option.)
  5. No was the initial answer. Back to #2 I just struggled with going back to the basics all over again but Bonaire turned out to be really great as four days on foils in light wind helped me to really improve and gain confidence in my foiling.
  6. Yes it does! See Locations Foil page

March 2023

Windy season will be over in weeks and Summer is just around the corner and for the first time in the past six years I’m looking forward to Summer Windsurfing, i.e. Wind Foiling. I need to work on my Foil Jibes and falling in warmer water will be more to my liking.

Also we now have a great group of experienced Wind Foilers and I’m looking forward to exploring new options in Tampa Bay and the Gulf as part of this group.

Here is the best part:

Now when I look at the Wind Forecast I see options every week to sail! Winds 9 – 11 no problem I’m heading out to Wind Foil! (Still looking for the 18 – 20+ as I do love my Starboard Carves!)

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